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    • $725.00
      Are you looking for a floral or sunflower necklace? Valeria Fine Jewelry can make all kind of floral or sunflower necklace designs. This one had a 5mm Black diamond in the center and 5x3mm pear shaped Citrines. The accents were diamonds.  This piece was 1.25 inches tall and wide, so at this size the only[.....]
    • $425.00
      This Celtic Diamond Necklace is accented with 1 x 1.8, 2, 2.3, 2.6, and 2.8mm diamonds and discretely displays your love of everything Celt.  It could be made with larger stones as well as smaller ones and there are multiple stone options available. THIS DESIGN CAN BE CHANGED TO SUIT YOUR TASTE AND DOES NEED A[.....]
    • $225.00
      Have an idea for a Custom sword necklace?  Send it over and let us show you what we can do! As long as the idea you have can be cast at this size, we should be able to make it. This one had some celtic triquetras on the hilt as well as on the pommel[.....]
    • $225.00
      Show you’re in the know with this custom Dr Who Tardis Necklace.  This one is 1 inch tall and about a half inch wide, but it would benefit from being made slightly larger.  This one has been plated in Black Rhodium, but it could also be left in the color of the metal it is cast in.[.....]
    • $225.00
      Custom Team Logo Pendants Do you have a favorite sports team whose logo you want to wear? This pair of Minnesota Vikings Pendants was made for a fan in Hawaii to remind him of the cold he left behind!   Team Logo Pendants & Custom Hip Hop Pendants are my specialty…contact me to discuss your idea.[.....]
    • $200.00
      This elegant 3d Star Necklace. It measures 1.75 inches wide by 1/2 inch tall.  This was based on a drawing from a customer and was meant to be an anniversary present for her years of service at a company. Do you have an idea for a custom pendant? If you can dream it, I can[.....]
    • $325.00
      A Huge Tool Fan wanted a custom Tool Necklace to show his how much he loved them. So I took one of their stickers, added a top bar so I could add a bail and then accented it with some diamonds. It measured 1.5 inches wide by a half inch tall, but it could be made[.....]
    • $775.00
      This Diamond Anchor Pendant is small enough to be noticed, but not quite large enough to call attention to itself.    This one is set with 27, 1.8mm diamonds, but any almost gemstone could be used and they could also be made smaller or larger. THIS DESIGN CAN BE CHANGED TO SUIT YOUR TASTE AND REQUIRES[.....]
    • $200.00
      Do you have an idea for a treble clef pendant or some other musical themed pendant, but can’t find it in the chain stores?  Valeria Fine Jewelry is the place for treble clef pendant designs or any other custom pendant for that matter. Browse our portfolio and  send us a picture, description, or drawing of what[.....]
    • $425.00
      A customer asked me to create a Tree of Life Pendant with Tapered Sapphire Baguettes as the “fruit”.  So…that is what we for him. Do you have an idea for a custom pendant you can’t find anywhere in stores?  Send it over to us as we will show you what we can do.  it will[.....]
    • $550.00
      This Trinity Knot Diamond Necklace is encrusted with over 30, 1mm diamonds, giving this celtic diamond pendant tons of sparkle. THIS DESIGN CAN BE CHANGED TO SUIT YOUR TASTE ►DETAILS: METAL OPTIONS: Sterling Silver, Rose Gold, Yellow Gold, White Gold, Palladium, and Platinum ACCENTS: Around 1/20 tcw.  It could Diamond, gemstone, Moissanite, or CZ. The[.....]
    • $675.00
      This Triple Diamond Heart Necklace has three differently shaped and sized hearts crookedly interlocking as they travel down the piece. It is accented with 1 and 1.1mm diamonds, but these could easily be made slightly larder to my preferred 1.3mm size.  This one was about 3/4 of an inch tall. THIS DESIGN CAN BE CHANGED[.....]
    • $225.00
      This Custom Evil Eye Necklace was a customer’s take on the Eye of Horus mixed with the traditional evil eye. It matched a tattoo he had and was a gift for his wife.  Do you have an idea for a custom Evil Eye Necklace? If you can dream it, I can make it!We can make[.....]
    • $225.00
      Are you looking for Unique Custom Pendants that you can’t find anyone to create for you?  Using Cad, lost wax casting, hand engraving, and even enameling, Valeria Fine Jewelry can create almost Unique Custom Pendants you can come up with. And the best thing is that it  will cost less than you might think!  Send[.....]
    • $655.00
      This is one of many Art Deco Diamond Necklace designs from Valeria Custom Jewelry.  Each of the 7 tines holds a 1.5mm stone A bail is required for this pendant to be hung on a chain. ►DETAILS: METAL OPTIONS: Sterling Silver, 14k Rose Gold, 14k Yellow Gold, 14k White Gold, Palladium, and Platinum ACCENTS: Around 1/5[.....]
    • $650.00
      This Floral Diamond Pendant is accented with  1.3 and 1.5mm diamonds and has an intricate floral detail to it.  There are also hearts and filigree accenting the stones as well.  Larger as well as other types of stones can be used. THIS DESIGN CAN BE CHANGED TO SUIT YOUR TASTE ►DETAILS:METAL OPTIONS: Sterling Silver, Rose[.....]
    • $425.00
      This Waterfall Diamond Heart Necklace is accented with cascading diamonds from 2-2.8mm, but other types and sizes of stones could be used..  I measures about 3/4 of an inch tall, but could be made larger or smaller. THIS DESIGN CAN BE CHANGED TO SUIT YOUR TASTE ►DETAILS: METAL OPTIONS: Sterling or Argentium Silver, Rose Gold,[.....]
    • $950.00
      This Custom Diamond Journey Pendant is set with 8 diamonds, ranging from 1.8mm to 4mm and total 1 carat, but any almost gemstone could be used.  The stones can also be made larger or smaller. THIS DESIGN CAN BE CHANGED TO SUIT YOUR TASTE IF IT ISN’T EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR. ►DETAILS:METAL OPTIONS:[.....]
    • $1,650.00
      This Halo Diamond Necklace is left over from the days before I learned CAD and wanted to carry an inventory. 100% satisfaction and authenticity guaranteed. 7 day return period as long as they are returned in their original condition This gorgeous 1 3/4 carat Halo Diamond Necklace is set in 14K White Gold and boasts[.....]
    • $225.00
      Do you have an idea for Word Necklaces, but can’t find them anywhere from a quality, US manufacturer, or anyone that will make it for less than an arm and a leg? Contact Valeria Fine Jewelry and let us turn your idea into a piece of jewelry that you will cherish forever.  We can create a[.....]

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