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    • $3,350.00
      This is one of our Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings leftover from when we carried an inventory.  The 1 carat center stone is set in a white 14K gold cathedral crossover setting The clarity on the center stone is I1 with H-I color.  It is eye clean and very bright, clean, and clear to the eye.[.....]
    • $525.00
      This 2 Stone Bypass Ring is just one of many custom jewelry creations from Valeria Custom Jewelry.  The 2 main stones are 4.1mm stones and are accented with around 1/4 tcw of 1.3mm stones.  Almost any type of gemstone can be used for the main stones.  They could also be made smaller or larger. ►DETAILS:[.....]
    • $1,100.00
      Looking for a Bypass 2 Stone Engagement Ring? This is one of the few 2 stone diamond engagement rings we have created. The 2 center stones are 1 carat each.  The accents are 2.2mm rounds in a french pave setting.  Princess cuts could be used as well. DETAILS: Bypass 2 Stone Engagement Ring CENTER STONE: [.....]
    • $350.00
      Double the beauty with 2 larger stones in this 2 stone mother’s ring.  Whether you want 2 diamonds or 2 birthstones, this elegant 2 stone mother’s ring is understated to really showcase the stones.  They can be diamonds or any gemstone 4mm and up.  We also have a version of this ring with stones in the[.....]
    • $350.00
      The 2 opposing pear shaped stones in this 2 stone bezel set ring gracefully face off in this striking ring. This one is shown with 6×4 and 8x6mm pear shaped diamonds, but other shapes and sizes could be used.  If you wanted some color, colored stones could be used as well.    The band could[.....]
    • $250.00
      This 2 Tone Heart Cathedral Engagement Ring has hearts both underneath and on the sides of the 3mm center stone.  The band starts at the bottom as an infinity symbol and ends up at the center stone as a heart.  It is shown in yellow Gold as well as in 2 tone with a yellow[.....]
    • $250.00
      Looking for a Flower Wedding Ring?  Valeria Fine Jewelry can help. This Flower Wedding Ring is 2 tone, but it can be all one color as well.  It is 7mm wide, but it could be made as narrow as 5mm and as wide as 12mm.  A few small stones could be added as well. ►DETAILS:CENTER STONE:[.....]
    • $875.00
      This 2 Tone Split Shank Engagement Ring is definitely a conversation starter with its swirling yellow and gold colors surrounding the center stone. THIS DESIGN IS ABLE TO BE MODIFIED TO YOUR TASTE AND HAS AN OPTIONAL BAND.►DETAILS: CENTER STONE: Any type of stone can be used from 4-8mm METAL OPTIONS: Sterling Silver, Rose Gold,[.....]
    • 2 Tone Wedding Ring
    • $1.00
      Are you looking for a Custom 2 Tone Wedding Ring, but can’t find anyone to make it for you?  We’ve got you covered!  This one was cast separately in yellow and white gold and then assembled.  Bezel set in each metal is a 4mm diamond.  Other, and smaller type of stones could be used as[.....]
    • $750.00
      Looking for a 3 Stone Accented Engagement Ring that doesn’t swallow the center stone? This 3 Stone Accented Engagement Ring has proportionally smaller side stones than usual.  To compensate for that, there are graduated stones going down the band as well.  This is a 3 stone engagement ring that still highlights the center stone. THIS[.....]
    • $700.00
      This 3 Stone Art Deco Engagement Ring begins with a 5mm center stone that is flanked by 2, 3x3mm trillion cut stones in the split of the the shank.  The split continues with 3 graduated stones.   Both sides of the ring have milgrained channels set with graduated stones.  This design can be changed to suit[.....]
    • $850.00
      This beautifully sculpted Custom 3 Stone Art Deco Engagement Ring perfectly highlights the 3 center stones.  They are shown as diamonds, but they could be almost any gemstone you wanted to use.  The band is ornamented with elegant scrollwork. THIS DESIGN IS ABLE TO BE MODIFIED TO YOUR TASTE DETAILS: Custom 3 Stone Art Deco[.....]
    • $600.00
      This is one of our most elegant 3 stone engagement rings as it exudes style while the ring and accents curves around the two larger accents. The center stone on this one was 5mm, but it could be made with a 4mm stone or up to 7mm. ►DETAILS: CENTER STONE: 4-7mm METAL OPTIONS: Sterling Silver[.....]
    • $675.00
      This 3 Stone Tulip Engagement Ring has 6 diamond accented tulip petals holding a 7.5mm Aquamarine that is flanked by 2, 1/4 carat diamonds. The accents in the band are 1.8mm.  I could make this 3 Stone Tulip Engagement Ring with other flower shapes as well. ►DETAILS: CENTER STONE: Any type of stone can be[.....]
    • $975.00
      Our 6 Prong Art Deco Engagement Ring has a lot going on!  The only place that isn’t adorned with some design element is at the bottom, so the ring can be resized if necessary.  But the engravings on this ring are stunning.  Beautiful scrollwork and geometrical symbols are engraved on both the top and sides[.....]
    • $900.00
      This 6 Prong Engagement Ring is a modern, elegant design that you won’t find anywhere else.  The center stone is held by 6 claws for maximum security.  The graduated accents are on opposite sides of the ring for a unique effect. The accents start at 2mm and go down to 1mm stones,  totaling a around[.....]
    • $600.00
      Double the beauty with 2 main stones in this Accented 2 stone mother’s ring with French Pave set accents. Here we have 2, 6mm diamonds with 1.5mm accents. ►DETAILS: CENTER STONE: Any type of stone can be used from 4-7mm METAL OPTIONS: Sterling Silver, Rose Gold, Yellow Gold, White Gold, Palladium, and Platinum ACCENTS: Depending[.....]
    • $500.00
      This elegant Custom Cathedral Engagement Ring boasts more than meets the eye with the accents on the sides of the ring.  It is shown with a 1 carat round diamonds, but almost any shape, size, or type of stone can be used.  The band is 2.5mm wide, but it could be made thinner or thicker[.....]
    • $975.00
      This Accented Cathedral Engagement Ring boasts 2, 1.7, 1.5 and 1.3mm stones for a total of 1/3 of a carat.  The sides of the ring are decorated with sculptural elements.  The center stone is shown as a round, but any size or shape can be used in this Accented Cathedral Engagement Ring. THIS DESIGN IS[.....]
    • $550.00
      With its subtle arches, this Accented Cathedral Solitaire Ring is robust, yet delicate. Small diamonds hide in the bridge of this striking cathedral setting, giving it some extra sparkle, but they do so without taking away from the simplicity of the ring.  Any type of stone can be used from about  half carat up to[.....]
    • $500.00
      Looking for an Diamond Criss Cross Ring? This beautiful ring is just one of many custom jewelry creations from Valeria Custom Jewelry.  he overlapping bands are accented with 24, 1.3mm diamonds, although other precious gems can be used.  Not totally loving this design?  We can tweak it to fit your tastes very easily… ►DETAILS: METAL[.....]
    • $750.00
      This Sculptural Custom Engagement Ring is accented with 1.3mm stones that are enveloped by  floral elements.  These can be made wider to make a wider band if that suits your tastes. The center stone is shown as a 5mm princess cut, but any size or shape can be used. THIS DESIGN IS ABLE TO BE MODIFIED[.....]
    • $750.00
      This 3 stone antique engagement ring hearkens back to the days of the early 1900’s, when platinum rings like this were fabricated by hand. Thank God for CAD! The center stone in our 3 stone antique engagement ring is a 7mm Cushion cut accented by Kite, Round, and Square shape stones.  We also added some[.....]
    • $450.00
      This is one of our Antique Style Engagement Rings that has both bezel and prong set accents in both baguette and round shapes. The center stone is shown with a cushion cut, but a round, square, or rectangular stone could be used. The accents shown are 3 x 1.75mm Baguettes and 1.3mm rounds, but larger[.....]
    • $950.00
      This stunning Aquamarine & Diamond Halo Ring has an 8mm rare dark blue Aquamarine of a tone that you can’t really find anymore.  This one is set in 14K White Gold and has a 1/4 carat of Si1-2 and GH color Diamond accents in the halo.  This ring can be made with smaller and other[.....]
    • $300.00
      Our art deco Flower rings  are simply beautiful!  This one was created to go with another ring that was used as an engagement ring, but both can be worn as a standalone ring as well.  If you want different flowers used, that is easily doable. This one is 4mm, but it could go wider if[.....]
    • $800.00
      This Art Deco Floral Hummingbird Ring was inspired by an antique art deco ring from the early 1900’s, but was requested with a hummingbird on it. This one has a 1/2 carat Asscher cut center stone and is accented by 6, 2mm stones.  If you are a hummingbird lover, this is the ring for you. [.....]
    • $425.00
      This 6mm wide Art Deco Diamond Ring is edged by milgrain and decorated with engraved semi-circles.  It can be made as wide as 12mm and as narrow as 5mm.  It is shown with Diamonds and Sapphires, but almost any type of stone could be used. ►DETAILS: STONES: 3/8 TCW at 6mm (1.3 and 1.5mm) wide.[.....]
    • $775.00
      This Art Deco Halo Engagement Ring isn’t your typical halo.  It is inset into a v shape from the side view, but looking from the top, it appears to be a standard halo. The stones in the halo as well as beneath the center stone are bezel set, defining each stone.  The band is elegantly[.....]
    • $875.00
      This is one of my favorite Custom Art Deco Engagement Rings that we have!  This one is decorated with a criss-crossing milgrain pattern accented with stones.    It is shown with a 6.5mm center stone, but that can be changed to another shape or size we well. ALL OF OUR CUSTOM ART DECO ENGAGEMENT RINGS ARE[.....]
    • $975.00
      This art deco skull ring has skulls on both sides of the ring with wisps of smoke blowing around them. This one holds a 5mm round stone and has 1.3 mm accents in the halo and 1.5mm stones down the sides of the ring.   Larger stones can be used. ►DETAILS: CENTER STONE: Any type[.....]
    • $250.00
      This Art Deco Solitaire Engagement Ring has a lot going on even with only one stone in it.  That is what makes it so beautiful.  All of the real estate that could be given to stones is filled with leaf patterns.  There is also plenty of milgrain to add another design element to this Art[.....]
    • $250.00
      Display your love of the bat with a Batman Engagement Ring from Valeria Fine Jewelry!  The 6mm center stone is held by two bats forming a bezel as well as being flanked by two bats on each shoulder.  The shoulders can be customized with a stone in the middle of the bats.  Almost any type[.....]
    • $275.00
      Display your love of the bat in all it’s glory with this Women’s Batman Ring!  The 6mm center stone is flanked by two bats on each shoulder and has a Harley Quinn Diamond underneath it.  Almost any type of stone can be used and in multiple sizes.  I could also put a stone in each[.....]
    • Custom Batman Engagement Rings
    • $325.00
      One of many Custom Batman Engagement Rings we have created, this one has the bat going across the top. It is accented by 5 stones on either side of the center stone.  This one was a bit large as it was for a man and had a 5x7mm oval in the center with 2mm round[.....]
    • $575.00
      From an overhead view, this Custom beaded solitaire engagement ring seems like a simple solitaire ring. But peer underneath the head for silky scrollwork and a hidden gem. Influenced by the Baroque period, this ring adds intricate beaded details to its classic form. ►DETAILS: CENTER STONE: A Round stone from 1/2 -1 carat METAL OPTIONS: Sterling[.....]

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