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Here is some history about the subject of our Harry Potter Rings.

Hedwig (d. 27 July, 1997) was Harry Potter’s pet Snowy Owl. Hedwig was an 11th birthday gift from Rubeus Hagrid to Harry.

As a (mostly) nocturnal bird of prey, the owl is inevitably seen as sinister by Muggles, but it has been a faithful servant and help meet to witches and wizards for many centuries. In spite of the many alternatives available for magical communication across long distances, the faithful and reliable owl remains the most common method used by wizards across the world.

The advantages of owls as messengers are those very qualities that make Muggles view them with suspicion: they operate under cover of darkness, to which Muggles have a superstitious aversion; they have exceptionally well-developed night vision, are agile, stealthy and capable of aggression when challenged. Owls are cool enough to warrant being put in Harry Potter Rings.

The mystical association between the name and the human who bears it has long been understood by witches and wizards of all cultures. While the process remains mysterious even to those who train up owlets to become wizarding pets or postal owls, the birds appear to be able to make such a connection between the name and its possessor that enables them to trace the witch or wizard concerned wherever he or she may be. An owl does not need to know an address, although witches and wizards generally add the place to the envelope on the off-chance that the owl is intercepted and the letter falls into other hands.

Trained owls are expensive, and it is quite usual for a wizarding family to share a single owl, or else only use Postal owls.  But our Harry Potter Rings can give you an owl for much less!

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Harry Potter Rings

Harry Potter Rings

Harry Potter Rings

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