Gemstone Wedding Rings

Gemstone Wedding Rings

Gemstone Wedding Rings highlighting sapphires, tanzanites or other colorful gems as the focal point are both beautiful and stylish these days, especially appealing to the younger generations, who don’t want their parent’s diamonds in their wedding rings.  Although diamond or plain wedding rings have been the most common choice for newly married couples over the last century, colorful Gemstone Wedding Rings have always had devoted fans and are becoming far more common. With rich hues and tones, a distinctive yet classic appeal, and sometimes a story to go along with them, beautiful Gemstone Wedding Rings are rising in popularity everywhere with brides to be of all kinds.  The generic, plain wedding band has become an antiquated concept with so many Gemstone Wedding Rings available these days.  Even the chain stores are now offering Gemstone Wedding Rings, albeit only with the big three of ruby, sapphire, or emerald.

The Appeal of Colored Gemstone Wedding Rings

Sapphires, among the earliest gemstones mentioned in historical documents, are an excellent choice for Gemstone Wedding Rings. Sapphires are gorgeous and very durable, so they hold up flawlessly to everyday wear. These very hard stones register a 9  out of 10 on the Mohs Scale, which rates gemstones’ durability,  indicating very good hardness and ability to withstand scratches (in fact, only the diamond ranks higher among gems used for jewelry).

The Sapphire has long symbolized truth, sincerity, and faithfulness – maybe that is why the Sapphire is the most sought after gemstone for Engagement Rings or Wedding Ring Sets.  The most desirable color for sapphires is a rich royal blue, currently famous for its use in Princess Diana’s engagement ring, now worn by Kate Middleton.  If you love the style of these royal icons, you might want to consider our art deco milgrain sapphire band, which features sapphires interspersed throughout half circle cuts.

Gemstone Wedding Rings
Gemstone Wedding Rings – Sapphire

Uniquely Colored Gemstone Wedding Rings

If the idea of Colored Gemstone Wedding Rings appeal to you, but aren’t sure that blue sapphire suits you, never fear, there are plenty of other colors to choose from. Sapphires come in a range of tones and hues, including yellow, pink, orange, green, purple, and turquoise. Valeria Fine Jewelry can create Colored Gemstone Wedding Rings using  yellow, pink or even green sapphires. Pink sapphires are a perfectly romantic and feminine choice. On the other hand, yellow sapphires are ideal for a glamorous look, colored diamond look.  This ring was created using green and yellow sapphire.


Colored Gemstone Wedding Rings
Colored Gemstone Wedding Rings – Sapphire Ring

Emeralds are another timeless choice for Colored Gemstone Wedding Rings.  However, emeralds are far less durable than sapphires or diamonds.  Because of this, extra care should be taken when wearing an wedding ring with emeralds in it.  We channel set the emeralds in this brushed men’s wedding to give them extra protection.   If you are just going for the green color, Tourmaline makes a better choice.  Tourmaline comes in a wide variety of green tones and is much more durable than emerald. It is also a far cleaner stone.

Uniquely Colored Gemstone Wedding Ring

Colored Gemstone Wedding Rings
Colored Gemstone Wedding Rings – Emerald

Rubies can make gorgeous and distinctive wedding rings as well.  Rubies have long been one of our favorite colored gemstones.  And it is exciting to see the Gemstone Wedding Rings trend continue throughout the 2018-2019 engagement season with a recent influx of requests for wedding Rings with Rubies. Check out the skull wedding band below with princess cut rubies.

Colored Gemstone Wedding Rings
Colored Gemstone Wedding Rings – Rubies

Keeping a wedding band traditional does leave you with a warm and cozy feeling. But why does that mean it needs to be the predictable combination of white diamonds and metal? There are so many more options out there!   As long as the stone you want is cut in the necessary size, we can put in in a custom wedding band.  This French Pave wedding ring was made with aquamarine and pink tourmaline.

Colored Gemstone Wedding Rings
Colored Gemstone Wedding Rings – Pink Tourmaline & Aquamarine

Sapphires, Rubies, and Emeralds aren’t the only stones that can be used in Colored Gemstone Wedding Rings.  We love tourmaline, peridot, aquamarine, tanzanite, opal, amethyst, etc..  All provide the chance to make your ring more personal to the customer.

The Bottom Line on Colored Gemstone Wedding Rings

Many newlyweds are opting for Gemstone Wedding Rings because they are able to purchase a ring with more or larger stones at a lower price. Diamonds continue to be one of the most expensive of all gems, opting to feature a sapphire or other colored gemstone rather than a diamond in your wedding ring can be financially responsible for newlyweds as well as stylish. Gemstones can make for affordable wedding and engagement rings.    The amount of bang you can get for your buck with colored gemstones is far higher than with diamonds.

An even more affordable way to have a custom gemstone wedding ring create is to laboratory-grown sapphires. As with man made diamonds, sapphires that are made in a lab are chemically and optically the same as those naturally grown. Like their diamond counterparts, lab-grown sapphires are great alternative gemstones at a more comfortable price. The are also available in more colors than natural stones.

Want to start your own custom wedding ring? Contact us with your idea today…It can cost less than you think to have your very own custom wedding ring created just for you.

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