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Custom Logo Pendant

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A lot of big box jewelry stores sell pendants with familiar shapes and designs. You can go to any chain store and buy a pendant in the shape of a heart or the infinity symbol. But if you’re looking for a custom logo pendant, look no further than Valeria Fine Jewelry. Owner and artisan jeweler Lucas Horton can recreate any business logo into a custom logo pendant or pin. Pieces can be made up to 3 inches wide or tall, and can be cast in silver, gold, palladium or platinum. Add in diamonds or gemstones, and your business’s logo can be sitting pretty right on your lapel or chest.

Are you a small business owner whose logo represents everything you’ve worked so hard for? Or maybe you work for a large company and are looking for the right gift to give employees that have worked there for 5, 10 or 15+ years. A custom logo pendant is a great way to promote your company, thank your workers and even create incentive.

Lucas holds a graduate degree in gemology and fabricates his jewelry using comprehensive computer-aided design technology and lost wax casting. This type of craftsmanship opens up a whole world of possibilities, as he can take your ideas and sketches and turn them into reality. Mix metals, add diamonds or colored gemstones and turn your custom logo pendant into a statement piece. With his expertise in gemstones, Lucas compiled a number of reputable diamond and gemstone dealers around the globe, so you can expect the highest quality materials in your pieces.

Browse Valeria Fine Jewelry’s online gallery of rings, custom logo pendant designs, bracelets, and earrings and see for yourself the precision, detailed intricacy and artisan craftsmanship that goes into each of Lucas’ designs. If your expectations haven’t been exceeded on your custom logo pendant, then Lucas hasn’t done his job.

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