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Custom Diamond Butterfly Ring

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Jewelry is a special gift or purchase that has always been a process involving much thought and care. Whether you are selecting a present for a loved one, an all-important engagement or wedding ring, or just a treat for yourself, what you are really searching for is a piece that reflects the special qualities of the jewelry receiver. And since no two people are the same, why should you go to a chain jewelry store and get your cherished individual a piece that hundreds or even thousands of other people have? At Valeria Fine Jewelry, we believe everyone deserves jewelry as unique and spectacular as they are, not some mass-produced piece of jewelry you see on billboards and TV commercials. Work with Valeria the next time you want to design a high-quality piece of jewelry that is unlike any other like our Custom Diamond Butterfly Ring. You will discover that your gift of customized jewelry means so much more because you personally took part in its creation. Valeria Fine Jewelry also has access to a large selection of already made unique pieces, unlike the Custom Diamond Butterfly Ring, which is made to order.  It is shown with 4 diamonds equaling 1 carat, but the Custom Diamond Butterfly Ring can be made with larger stones as well.  It can also be made with colored gemstones.

The man behind this Custom Diamond Butterfly Ring, Lucas Horton, started Valeria Fine Jewelry after a stint in the corporate world. He discovered a passion for crafting the highest quality jewelry possible inspired by his own imagination and that of clients. For instance, his dainty Custom Diamond Butterfly Ring was an idea of Lucas’s that is sure to stand out with its delightfully unusual look. It can be customized with any kind of stone and metal, or even added to. You can truly let your imagination run wild and create something fantastically different, and stunningly gorgeous.

Information on how to start designing your own Custom Diamond Butterfly Ring and the process, as well as a blog on trends and jewelry making are all available on the site!

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