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Celtic Jewelry

Celtic Jewelry

The origins of Celtic Jewelry are believed to have originated between 2000 BC to around 550 AD when precious metals was first used by Celtic craftsmen to fabricate exquisite jewelry decorated with Celtic symbols.

Over thousands of years, the process of making Celtic Jewelry has gone through changes, but what remains very much evident is the popularity of Celtic Jewelry, which is why the arcane and symbolic Irish Celtic Jewelry is so highly desired and enjoyed all over the world and by people of many cultures.

Distinctive in meaning and style, the range of  Celtic Jewelry that is available today includes Celtic rings, bracelets,  Celtic pendants, Celtic earrings, and Celtic brooches


Circles, squares, triangles and crosses are all motifs found in Celtic jewelry. These patterns and shapes have actual functions in the world around us. In Celtic knots, the shapes are combined in a variety of ways. For example, crosses are created using triangles and trinity motifs. A basic understanding of the meaning behind these basic shapes will allow e you to interpret meaning in your ring, necklace or any other piece of Celtic Jewelry.

Using two lines, the most basic element of any piece of Celtic Inspired Jewelry is the crossing of two lines. Any time that two separate lines cross, it forms a cross, no matter at what angle.

The natural world is full of the circles. The sun being the most obvious example; there are countless others.  We talk of a circle of friends, the cycle of the days and seasons and of life. Circles certainly represent equality and community. Circles are infinite.

From the circle comes the wave.  An arc of the circle can be used to form wave like patterns. Waves are fundamental expressions of the circle. Physical laws state that matter itself exists in waves, such as light and sound. On a more tangible level, remember think of what it feels like to be in the ocean, feeling the steady onslaught of waves. Waves are a steady, constant movement and flow over time.

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