Picking The Perfect Stone For Round Diamond Engagement Rings

Picking The Perfect Stone For Round Diamond Engagement Rings

The round brilliant cut is by far the most popular diamond cut for custom or mass-produced engagement rings. Forget rings, it is the most popular shape for all types of jewelry.  We know there are other popular cuts out there.  But since GIA has only set standards for a round brilliant, we will focus on that in this post.  Much of this information applies to all cuts, but is more specifically applicable to round cuts.  If you need help with another cut, we are always happy to help.

Round Diamond Engagement Rings are a classic and timeless look.  They pair well almost any type of engagement ring.  They also hold their value more than any other cut.  But we know that you will never need to sell your ring!   This elegant and traditional genre of designs look stunning no matter that color metal you are using.  Round Diamond Engagement Rings also are easily accented with other stones for additional sparkle or color.  Rounds go with almost every shape.

Round Diamond Engagement Rings
Round Diamond Engagement Rings – Semi-Halo Engagement Ring
Round Diamond Engagement Rings
Round Diamond Engagement Rings – 2 Stone Engagement Ring

More Than Tiffany Solitaire – Round Diamond Engagement Rings

The ring to the left is our semi-halo engagement ring.  Out customer wanted a halo, but not a halo.  We removed 2 stones from each side of the stone and created a cool twist on the traditional halo engagement ring.

The ring to the right is our 2 Stone bypass engagement ring.  We took 2, 1 carat diamonds, offset them, and connect them with the shank.  This design really maximizes the sparkle.

Picking the perfect stone for Round Diamond Engagement Rings can be a harrowing ordeal if you aren’t a jewelry lover or know nothing about diamonds. Not only does it require a large cash outlay.  You will also be purchasing the ring for someone you probably don’t know.  And we have all seen or heard the horror stories about customers being ripped off when buying Round Diamond Engagement Rings.  This is due to the fact that no one teaches us the specifics of buying a diamond.  There are many details to consider.  Details that you have to consider when it comes to selecting the right stone for Round Diamond Engagement Rings. With a bit of luck, however, we will help you iron out these details.  After reading this post, picking the perfect stone for Round Diamond Engagement Rings will become like second nature.

Picking The Perfect Stone For Round Diamond Engagement Rings

Round Diamond Engagement Rings
Round Diamond Engagement Rings –
Round Diamond Engagement Rings
Round Diamond Engagement Rings – 3 Stone Engagement Ring

We are going to walk you through the process of selecting The Perfect Stone For Round Diamond Engagement Rings. This portion of the guide is dedicated to diamonds.   We will cover  gemstone in a separate post.  Everything that you need to know about diamonds is divided into four Cs: cut, color, clarity, and carat.  We will use GIA’s guidelines as well as throw in some of the tips we have learned through out the years. These can both save you money and time if digested properly.

This is one of our Cathedral Engagement Rings to the right.   Is accented with 2, 1.7, 1.5 and 1.3mm stones for a total of 1/3 of a carat.  The sides of the ring are decorated with sculptural elements.  We can always change the engraving if you have an idea for another patter.

Diamond Cut in Round Diamond Engagement Rings

Most diamond experts will tell you that diamond cut is the most important characteristic of a diamond in Round Diamond  Engagement Rings.  This is because it has the greatest influence on the overall aesthetics of the stone and consequently, the entire ring.  Cut is not to be confused with shape though.  People often use the words cut and shape interchangeably. They think of cut as the shape or outline of the diamond, rather than the arrangement of facets needed to create an attractive face-up appearance.  When cut correctly, the light should reflect out the top of the diamond (see image below.) In shallow cut diamonds, light leaks out the bottom. In diamonds that are cut too deep, it leaks out the side. Cut ranges from “ideal” and “excellent” down to “fair.”

Round Diamond Engagement Rings
Round Diamond Engagement Rings – Halo Skull Engagement Ring

The skull halo engagement ring to the left uses the smaller round cuts in the halo o make the center stone appear larger.

Round Diamond Engagement Rings
Round Diamond Engagement Rings – Art Deco Engagement Ring

They also provide a ton of sparkle!

The art deco cathedral ring to the right is just simply stunning.  The milgrain and “V” shapes are beautiful design elements that really highlight the diamond accents

The GIA Cut Grading System

The GIA Diamond Cut Grading System is for standard round brilliants in the D-to-Z color range. It is based on the assessment of 7 characteristics. The first 3 are appearance based aspects of the stone.  Brightness, which is the total light reflected from a diamond. Fire, which is the dispersion of light into the colors of the spectrum.  And scintillation, which is the pattern of light and dark areas and the flashes of light, or sparkle, when a diamond is moved. The remaining four — weight ratio, durability, polish, and symmetry — are related to a diamond’s design and craftsmanship employed by the cutter.  Round Diamond Engagement Rings are especially reliant on a master diamonds cutter.  It is the pinnacle of diamond cutting and takes years to master.

Round Diamond Engagement Rings
GIA Cut Chart
Round Diamond Engagement Rings
Round Diamond Engagement Rings – Diamond Light Chart

People mistakenly think that leaving a pavilion exposed to light will make for a brighter diamond.  This is a myth.  The only light that you see in a stone entered through the top of the stone.  The brightest stones are the ones that leak no light of it out of the pavilion, which is illustrated by the picture to the left.  The one to the right shows the different parts of a round diamond.

Diamond Color in Round Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamonds are judged on a color scale ranging from D, connoting colorlessness, to Z, which indicates a yellow-brown or grayish tone. Typically, you want your diamond colorless – or as colorless as possible. To save money, go for a I color diamond. There isn’t a significant visible difference between G and I, but the price jump is huge. If your diamond is on the low-end of the scale (anything K or lower), you can set it in gold to minimize the appearance of yellowness. However, if you like the look of a warmer diamond, we have made plenty of Round Diamond Engagement Rings with stones K or lower on the color scale.

Round Diamond Engagement Rings
Round Diamond Engagement Rings – GIA Color Scale

Diamond Clarity in Round Diamond Engagement Rings

Even something as clear and beautiful as a diamond can be born with a few flaws. The clarity scale measures those flaws and assigns a clarity grade based on those flaws. The scale ranges from FL “Flawless” to I3 “Included”.  An inclusion refers to many types of flaws in the stone. These can be visible to the naked eye if large enough or under a loupe. For an engagement ring, you want to select something between FL “Flawless” and SI2 “Slightly Included”.

However, it is possible to find nice I1 clarity stones if you look a little.  This could save you quite a bit of money on Round Diamond Engagement Rings for a similar looking stone to the eye.  Although nice, we don’t typically recommend buying stone higher than VS2 or VS1 clarity.  There is little difference between the inclusions in these diamonds and the next better clarity.  So when you go with the VS1 or higher stones, many times you are just paying for it to look good under the loupe.  That doesn’t usually translate into a better looking diamond to the naked eye.

Round Diamond Engagement Rings
Round Diamond Engagement Rings – Diamond Clarity Chart

Diamond Carat Weight in Round Diamond Engagement Rings

The carat refers to the size of the diamond. Unlike the other three Cs, there isn’t a good trick with this one as the higher the carat number, the bigger the size of the diamond placed on the engagement ring. Some experts suggest that if you need to skim on one of the other Cs to afford a bigger carat, then you should go for clarity.

Round Diamond Engagement Rings
Diamond Sizes on the Finger – Round Diamond Engagement Rings

In summary, the cut is the most important of the four Cs to consider when purchasing a diamond. For a colorless diamond, buy something from G to I on the color scale. We think H is the biggest bang for your buck. Although if you can find a J color with some fluorescence, those can look as white an I color stone.  If you can’t afford a near colorless graded stone, then set the diamond in yellow gold.  The yellow will mask some of the warmness of the diamond and make it appear to face up whiter.

For clarity, you want SI2 clarity or higher to minimize visual inclusions.  One of the biggest misconceptions out there is that J color or I1 clarity Round Diamond Engagement Rings aren’t any good.  That is just simply not true.  We have created tons of Round Diamond Engagement Rings using J colored and I1 clarity stones.  And they looked awesome.  You just need to know what I1 and J color stones to look for.  This is where being a GIA GG becomes helpful.

Round Diamond Engagement Rings
Round Diamond Engagement Rings – East West 3 Stone Engagement Ring
Round Diamond Engagement Rings
Round Diamond Engagement Rings – Floral Engagement Ring

The Bottom Line on Round Diamond Engagement Rings

The round brilliant cut diamond is the most popular diamond shape by far.  It has been optimized for fire and brilliance far more than the other cuts.  Whether you’re looking for a classic solitaire or a pavé halo style, our Round Diamond Engagement Rings are handcrafted to the highest standards.

We know that when searching for Round Diamond Engagement Rings, there are tons of options out there for you to choose from.  Not to brag, and we are biased, but honestly believe we are one of the best options when looking for custom Round Diamond Engagement Rings.  We offer the expertise, value, and service you need to create the perfect custom Round Diamond Engagement Rings.  And we offer those things in spades!

Click HERE to learn more about custom jewelry, view our portfolio, or to contact us about Round Diamond Engagement Rings.  It can cost less than you think to have your very own custom engagement ring made just for you.  Why settle for the lame and overpriced bridal jewelry from the chain stores when we can make Round Diamond Engagement Rings showing your style and personality?

Round Diamond Engagement Rings
Round Diamond Engagement Rings – Cathedral Engagement Ring
Round Diamond Engagement Rings
Round Diamond Engagement Rings – Vintage Engagement Ring

This Vintage Engagement Ring to the right features a knife-edge shank with 2 rows of 1.3mm stones in it.  The 5mm center stone sits above 2 bezel set diamonds as well.  We took the cathedral ring and doubled the sparkle!

This Split Shank Modern Engagement Ring to the left is an elegant design you won’t find anywhere else.  It sounds like we say that a lot! 2 of the prongs are formed by the shank and the other two appear out of nowhere for a dramatic effect. It accented with 56, 1.3mm stones that total a little over 1/2 carat.

We know there are literally TONS of places you can get Round Diamond Engagement Rings from.  However, not all are created equal.  If you are on Etsy or a site like that, you are probably buying from an Asian manufacturer without realizing it.  Yes, they can make their Round Diamond Engagement Rings for less than we can.  Nevertheless, they will cut every corner possible to make up for it.

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